Coir Embroidered Luxury Collection

Product Code:

৳ 10,100.00


Embroidered Bamberg Chiffon Front: 0.75 yard
Embroidered Bamberg Chiffon Front Panels : 2 pcs
Embroidered Organza Front Slit Patches : 4 pcs
Embroidered Organza Front Border : 1 yard
Embroidered Organza Panel Border : 5 yards
Bamberg Chiffon Back: 0.75 yard
Embroidered Organza Back motif : 1 pc
Embroidered Bamberg Chiffon Back Panels : 2 pc
Embroidered Organza Back Slit Patch : 4 pcs
Embroidered Organza Back Border : 1 yard
Embroidered Bamberg Chiffon Dupatta :2.75 yards
Rawsilk Trousers : 2.5 yards
Embroidered Organza Trouser Border : 1.5 yards


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